Ontario Agrarian Distributists:
Building a Sustainable Future

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The Ontario Agrarian Distributists are a politically inclined people dedicated to promoting the principles of distributism within the agricultural communities of Ontario. Distributism is an economic philosophy that emphasizes the importance of local, cooperative ownership and sustainable practices to create resilient and thriving communities. By joining the Ontario Agrarian Distributists, you are helping to build a sustainable and equitable future for Ontario’s farmers, food producers, and rural communities.

In the Ontario current ontario context the main focus is on promoting policies to help each citizen have enough land to grow their own food and firewood.

We don’t need to wait for an election or anything to become politically active, as Distributists we can lobby local politicians at municipal, county, provincial and federal levels about issues that resonate with us.

In order to insure peaceable relations with politicians we’ve made several documents to help with mindset including Age of Peace1 for secular and New Age audiences and Covenant of Peace2 for Judeo-Christian audiences. You can download printable copies of these documents and more from 1being.org.

As an introduction to Distributism can check out Distributist.org, to understand the current geopolitical context and probable futures we’ve made an After Oil3 document. To gain some arguments for why we can’t simply put people into urban concrete cages we’ve made document about Problems of Urban Density4 , as well as a potential solution such as the Homestead Farmer Program 5, scaleable with Community Organization6 . You can download printable copies of these documents from lyis.ca.

1 Vision story

In the heart of the permaculture food forests of Southwest Ontario, Distributism began to sprout. Amid the hazelnuts, honey locusts, and unique-tasting persimmons, private property was esteemed. Here, land wasn’t just wealth to hoard, but a birthright, a basic necessity for every individual to forge a deep connection with the land, and live within the bountiful carrying capacity it offered.

The winds of Distributism swept over the prairies, where farmers lovingly sowed their birthright - their lands - with perennial fruits and nuts like autumn olives, burr oak, and peashrubs. Their labor bore fruits that held the prairie’s soul, countering the monotony of industrialized sustenance.

Urbanites, awakened to the realization of the unhealthy confines of concrete jungles, migrated to the countryside. They sought the serenity of homesteads amid the food forests of walnuts and hazelnuts, where they could exercise their fundamental right to land, reconnect with nature’s rhythm, and live in harmony with the environment’s carrying capacity.

On the East Coast, amidst private lands flourishing with apples, cherries, plums, and serviceberries, the Distributist ethos echoed. These thriving food forests became tangible evidence of the potential for humanity to respect its birthright - the land - and live within the means it provided sustainably.

In the North, encompassing the vast pine forests and the delicate Arctic ecosystem, Distributism flourished. Indigenous communities and hearty northerners alike embraced their right to land, shepherding caribou herds and harvesting Arctic willows and growing vast pine nut forests. This far-reaching community respected their birthright, living in balance with the land’s carrying capacity, fostering an enriched, symbiotic relationship with their environment.

The West Coast nurtured its own food forests in its unique, wet climate. Amidst lush swamp white oaks, hawthorns, and hazelnuts, the right to private ownership and stewardship of land was revered. This region, too, embraced the vision of Distributism, valuing land as a basic right and striving to live within the gifts of their environment.

This is the face of Distributist Canada, a country where every citizen’s right to land was recognized and upheld, fostering a deep bond with nature and the community. From Ontario’s fertile soils to the Arctic North, the ethos of God, Family, and Country resonated. The concept of private property was revolutionized, serving as a link between the people and the land and ensuring equitable wealth distribution. The shared vision of living within nature’s carrying capacity, while preserving Canada’s beauty for future generations, became the country’s guiding light.

Key Principles

Our party is founded on the following key principles:

Policy Highlights

The Ontario Agrarian Distributists advocate for the following policies:

Local Initiatives

The Ontario Agrarian Distributists are committed to fostering positive change through local initiatives:

Membership and Volunteering

Becoming a member of the Ontario Agrarian Distributists provides the opportunity to participate in a cause that promotes equitable land distribution and sustainability. As a member, you can vote on party decisions, run for positions, and more. We are currently in need of volunteers to help us collect signatures to become an official party in Ontario, or who are willing to become candidates. We are also seeking volunteer lobbyists to attend municipal council meetings and advocate for sustainable land allocation based on carrying capacity.

Contact Information

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to get involved, please contact us:

Related websites: distributist.org 1being.org lyis.ca

Call to Action

Join us in our mission to foster a sustainable, equitable, and resilient future for Ontario. Your involvement, whether as a member, a volunteer, or a supporter, can make a real difference. Together, we can build a future where everyone has access to the land and resources they need to thrive.

To support the party please fill in the attached form, take a picture, and send it in by email.