Party Platform - Global Distributist Party

Global Distributists Platform in the Context of Peak Oil and Declining Resources

1 Preamble

The Global Distributists Party (GDP) envisions a world where economic power and resources are widely distributed, promoting self-reliance, sustainability, and strong local communities. In the context of peak oil, declining resources, and the realities of economic degrowth, our platform seeks to achieve a sustainable and equitable society by adapting to these challenges and redistributing power and ownership accordingly.

2 Economic Policies

Encourage a transition towards a steady-state economy that prioritizes well-being and ecological balance over unlimited growth. Promote the establishment of local, resilient economies that emphasize cooperation, sharing, and mutual aid. Advocate for policies that support the development of low-energy, labor-intensive industries, and local production.

3 Land and Resource Management

Support agrarian land reform and rural development policies that facilitate equitable land distribution and prioritize small-scale, sustainable agriculture. Promote permaculture, agroecology, and other low-input farming practices that increase self-sufficiency and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Advocate for the conservation and restoration of ecosystems, ensuring that future generations have access to essential natural resources.

4 Social Policies

Foster strong, cohesive communities by encouraging local involvement in decision-making processes and promoting self-sufficiency. Promote access to low-energy, community-based solutions for education, healthcare, and social services. Advocate for policies that ensure a just and equitable distribution of resources and opportunities, taking into account the limitations imposed by resource scarcity.

5 Infrastructure and Technology

Support the development of decentralized and sustainable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and micro-hydro power. Advocate for investment in low-energy transportation solutions, including walking, cycling, and public transportation powered by renewable energy sources. Encourage the responsible and equitable use of technology, focusing on low-tech solutions that can be maintained and repaired locally.

6 Global Cooperation and Solidarity

Foster international collaboration and cooperation in addressing global challenges related to peak oil, resource depletion, and economic degrowth. Advocate for fair trade practices and responsible global economic policies that prioritize the well-being of people and the environment, even in a context of resource scarcity. Support the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the promotion of global peace, justice, and human rights, recognizing that resource scarcity can exacerbate tensions.

7 Conclusion

The Global Distributists Party commits to working tirelessly to implement these principles and policies, both locally and globally, in pursuit of a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient world in the face of peak oil and declining resources.