Agenda/Minutes for the Founding Meeting of the Global Distributists

Members in Attendance: Andrii Zvorygin (Canada), Iver Lofving (US), Phillip Woodard (US), Andrew Hunt (Canada), Eric Anton (American Solidarity Party, US as non-voting observer), Simon Michaux (briefly, Finland), Thomas Dagostino

Meeting video: Part 1:
Part 2:

  1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
    1.1. Greetings and introduction by the meeting chair
    1.2. Explanation of the purpose and objectives of the founding meeting

  2. Introduction of Participants
    2.1. Brief self-introductions by participants, including their backgrounds and interests in distributism
    Overview of Distributism and Its Relevance Globally
    3.1. Presentation on the principles of distributism and its potential for addressing global challenges
    3.2. Discussion on how distributism can be adapted and promoted in different countries and contexts

  3. Establishing the Global Distributist Party: Vision, Mission, and Goals
    4.1. Discussion on the proposed vision, mission, and goals of the Global Distributist Party

    The Global Distributist Party envisions a world where economic democracy and social equity are the foundations of thriving, sustainable communities. Our mission is to advocate for distributist policies and principles on a global scale, fostering a shift towards decentralized, locally-driven decision-making, and widespread ownership of productive assets. Our goals include promoting the adoption of distributist policies in various countries, supporting the growth of cooperatives and small businesses, and encouraging sustainable development that preserves the environment for future generations. By working together with individuals, communities, and governments, we seek to create a more equitable and resilient global society, grounded in the principles of subsidiarity, solidarity, and the common good.

    4.2. Reaching consensus on the party's guiding principles and objectives

    Guiding Principles:
    Subsidiarity: Prioritizing local decision-making and empowering communities and individuals.

  1. Drafting the Global Distributist Party Charter
    5.1. Presentation of a draft charter, outlining the party's values, principles, and organizational structure
    5.2. Group discussion and feedback on the draft charter
    5.3. Finalization and approval of the Global Distributist Party Charter
    Approved as is.

  2. Election of Party Leadership and Organizational Structure
    6.1. Nominations and elections for key party positions, such as chairperson, secretary, and treasurer
    Chairperson Andrii Zvorygin
    Secretary Iver Lofving
    Treasurer TBD (interim Andrii Zvorygin)

    6.2. Establishment of working committees or subcommittees (e.g., membership, policy development, communications)

  3. Development of a Membership Recruitment Strategy
    7.1. Discussion on target audiences and potential members
    7.2. Brainstorming and agreement on membership recruitment tactics and materials

    Postponed for next meeting

  4. Creating the Global Distributists Brand: Logo and Slogan
    8.1. Discussion on the visual identity and messaging for the Global Distributists
    8.2. Formation of a design committee to develop logo and slogan options
    Agreed to keep curren t logo:

  5. Planning for the Global Distributists Website and Online Presence
    9.1. Overview of the purpose and objectives of the party's website and social media accounts
    9.2. Formation of a digital communications committee to develop and manage the party's online presence
    Approved as is

  6. Fundraising and Financial Planning
    10.1. Presentation of an initial budget and fundraising plan
    10.2. Discussion on fundraising strategies and financial management
    Postponed for next meeting

  7. Next Steps and Timeline
    11.1. Development of a timeline and action plan for the coming months, including key milestones and events
    11.2. Assignment of responsibilities for implementing the action plan
    Postponed for next meeting

  8. Closing Remarks and Adjournment
    12.1. Summary of the meeting outcomes and appreciation for participants' contributions
    12.2. Adjournment of the founding meeting